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Press Releases,Project News | September 30, 2015

Positive behavioral traits and functional connections covary in HCP Subjects

A just released finding from HCP data reveals a strong link between patterns of functional connectivity in the brain’s default mode network and “positive” personal traits such as fluid intelligence (IQ), language skills, and life satisfaction. The study conducted by WU-Minn HCP consortium investigators was released in Nature Neuroscience this week. Authors searched patterns of […]

Press Releases,Project News | September 24, 2015

2015 HCP Course Materials Released

Course Practical Data and Lecture Slides Now Available We are pleased to announce that the materials for the 2015 HCP Course: Exploring the Human Connectome that was held June 8-12 in Honolulu, Hawaii are now available for all to learn from and use. This includes: slides for all 21 lectures (PDF and PPT formats) instructions […]

Project News | July 24, 2015

Connectome Workbench Bug fix update v1.1.1 Released

Announcing the release of Workbench v1.1.1, that fixes a few bugs that were found in the recently released Workbench v.1.1. Updates in v1.1.1: *New Feature: Copy loaded connectivity row data to a connectivity dense scalar file from group average rs-fMRI dense connectome data loaded through a link from ConnectomeDB (see further instructions below). *New Command:  […]

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