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Project News | October 13, 2011

Christian Beckmann awarded 2011 OHBM Wiley Young Investigator Award

Christian Beckmann Award from HBM

We are pleased to announce that Christian Beckmann, Human Connectome Project researcher and professor at the University of Twente, was honored with the 16th Wiley Young Investigator Award from the Organization for Human Brain Mapping (OHBM). The award is given each year at the OHBM annual meeting to an investigator under forty who has made significant contributions to the field of human brain mapping.

While at Oxford University, Beckmann helped to develop the FMRIB Software Library (FSL), a comprehensive software package widely used to study structure, function and connectivity in the brain using MRI data. As part of the FSL Team, he helps run the FSL training course in MR data analysis, which has attracted over 1500 attendees, representing a large proportion of researchers in the field. Elements of FSL are also being incorporated as key components in the analysis pipelines of the HCP.

Beckmann recently started as full professor at University of Twente, leading the Statistical Imaging Neuroscience group at the Donders Institute at Radboud University at Nijmegen, Netherlands. His new group in Nijmegen will focus on statistical methods to optimize methods to pick out meaningful signals from resting state fMRI. He also remains affiliated with the University of Oxford and Imperial College London as a Senior Research Fellow and Lecturer.

Beckmann joins an impressive list of scientists that have been awarded the Wiley Young Investigator Award in past years, including other Human Connectome Project investigators: Heidi Johansen-Berg (2010), Thomas E. Nichols (2009), and Stephen M. Smith (2007).

Posted by Jenn Elam @ 2:12 pm