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Upcoming events | June 7, 2013

Connect with HCP at OHBM 2013


The WU-Minn HCP consortium has a prominent presence at this year’s annual meeting of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping (OHBM) in Seattle, June 16-20, 2013.  OHBM is a great meeting to connect with HCP investigators and colleagues, ask questions about the HCP and the data we are producing, and get the inside scoop on getting and using HCP data and tools.

Click for details on Educational Courses, Oral presentations, and Poster presentations at OHBM 2013 by HCP consortium members.

Here’s some highlights:

  • Before the meeting officially starts, several HCP investigators are teaching in many day long Educational Courses, including one titled “The Connectome”, offered on Sunday June 16th
  • To kick off the meeting proper on Sunday evening, Marcus Raichle is being honored and presenting the Talairach lecture: “Brain Activity Mapping”
  • On Monday evening June 17th, Olaf Sporns is presenting the Keynote Lecture: “Structure and Dynamics of the Human Connectome”
  • On Wednesday June 18, be sure to attend the Morning Workshop dedicated to the HCP: “The Human Connectome Project: What’s in the Data and How Can I Begin Data Mining?”

New this year, the HCP is participating in the HBM Hackathon, a meeting-long computing competition using large, publicly available neuroscience datasets, including  the first data release of the Human Connectome Project. Register to participate in the competition at

In addition to many more talks and poster presentations, HCP is again hosting an exhibit booth, complete with demonstrations of our ConnectomeDB database for HCP data and visualization and analysis software Connectome Workbench.

Our exhibit booth is bigger this year, so there’s more room for you to come and see what the HCP has to offer. We’ll be there to answer your questions about the HCP Quarter 1 and Quarter 2 data releases and tell you what’s in store for future releases. You might even run into one of our HCP investigators for a chat while you’re there!

We hope to see you there!