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Project News | December 1, 2011

HCP All Hands Meeting 2011: Consortium gathers to share team progress, devise plans

All Hands Meeting 2011

Row 1: David Feinberg, Greg Farber, David Van Essen, Kamil Ugurbil, Marcus Raichle, Avi Snyder ... Row 2: Essa Yacoub, Deanna Barch, Jenn Elam, George Michalareas, Robert Oostenveld, Maurizio Corbetta, Brad Schlaggar, Tim Coalson ... Row 3: Gordon Xu, Nicholas Bloom, Tim Laumann, Jan-Mathijs Schoffelen, Donna Dierker, Jon Schindler, Steve Petersen, Antonio Zanutto, Malcolm Tobias ... Row 4: Greg Burgess, Steen Moeller, Sandy Curtiss, Andrew Heath, An (Joseph) Vu, John Strupp, Jesper Andersson, Jeff Stout, Tyler Roskos, Qian (Jessie) Luo, Erin Reid, Dan Marcus, Richard Bucholz ... Row 5: Kevin Archie, Mike Hodge, Tony Wilson, Abbas Babajani-Feremi, Mark Jenkinson, Christian Beckmann, Fran Miezen, Jim Bjork, Tracy Nolan, Linda Kull, Linda Larson-Prior, Susan Danker, Ping Gu, Olaf Sporns, Gagan Wig ... Row 6: Tom Nichols, Francesco De Pasquale, Stefania Della Penna, Gian Luca Romani, Vittorio Pizella, Laura Marzetti, Saad Jbabdi, Matt Glasser, Mike Harms, Will Horton, Eileen Cler ... Row 7: Dan Nolan, Heidi Johansen-Berg, Mark Woolrich, Thomas Blumensath, Emma Robinson, Mike Garwood, John Harwell, Aditya Siram, Steve Smith, Tim Behrens, Stam Sotiropoulos, (very back): Jonathan Power

The Human Connectome Project WU-Minn Consortium kicked off Year 2 of the project with our second All-Hands Meeting in St. Louis on September 29-30. Attended by over 82 from all 10 consortium institutions, the meeting marked a key checkpoint in the critical phase leading up to the start of data collection on subjects in the summer of 2012.

Sessions tackled current issues in the preparation such as the tuning of the 3T Skyra, plans for diffusion tractography pilot analysis, and anticipated challenges such as incorporating MEG analysis in the development of the Connectome Workbench visualization software. The meeting ended with progress summaries and the decision to meet in late spring at University of Minnesota to finalize protocols and pipelines for Phase 2, which begins in summer 2012.

Posted by Jenn Elam @ 10:27 am