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Project News | July 22, 2013

HCP Q1+Q2 Connectome in a Box Ordering Reopened

We have reopened the website storefront for ordering Q1+Q2 (June 2013) Connectome in a Box. icon-HCP-data-drive-order

There have been several updates of note in Q2 for current users of Connectome In A Box. Here are the highlights:

  • Q1 data has been reprocessed and re-released. Due to changes in the preprocessing pipelines, users of Q1 data are strongly recommended to refresh their data (for full details, see HCP Q2 Data Release Reference Manual). Users can get the updated Q1 data plus Q2 data for very little additional cost by taking advantage of our Drive Recycling Rebate.
  • We have adopted Linux as the default drive format. In Q1, we supported orders for Windows, Mac and Linux-formatted hard drives. However, each new release adds arithmetically to the burden on our fulfillment process. Linux-formatted drives are the most easily incorporated into network storage, but they can be mounted by Mac and PC users as well.
  • New guidance on compliance with your IRB. All Connectome data administrators should read this notice on data usage and compliance with your institution’s restrictions on human subjects research.

Click here to learn more and place your order.

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Posted by Jenn Elam @ 1:35 pm