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HCP at SFN 2012: Presentation Schedule

HCP investigators and colleagues will be making multiple presentations during the Society for Neuroscience 2012 conference, including a symposium on Tuesday morning led by primary investigators David Van Essen and Kamil Ugurbil. Also, HCP representatives will be available at Booth 3542 to provide demonstrations of HCP software and newly released data.

Here is a listing of poster sessions and scheduled times for author presentations.

Sunday October 14

Title: “Interactions between polar form-from-structure and face perception revealed by masking but not visual adaptation.”

Presentation/Poster: 261.13/W15

Authors: E.J. Feczko, G.L. Shulman, S.E. Petersen, J.R. Pruett, Jr.

Presentation time: 1 – 2 pm

Monday, October 15

Title: “Compared to adults, children show less automatic integration of phonological and lexical processing when reading aloud.”

Presentation/Poster: 392.03/CCC82

Authors: S.K. Ihnen, S.E. Petersen, B.L. Schlaggar

Presentation time: 10 – 11 am

Title: “Neural regions that show error-related activity can be classified into four functionally distinct response profiles.”

Presentation/Poster: 491.01/AAA3

Authors: F.M. Miezin, M. Neta, S.M. Nelson, J.W. Dubis, B.L. Schlaggar, S.E. Petersen

Presentation time: 1 – 2 pm

Title: “Dissociating the roles of lateral and medial prefrontal cortex in decision-making tasks: Implications for stages of processing.”

Presentation/Poster: 491.02/AAA4

Authors: S.M. Nelson, M.E. Wheeler, E.J. Ploran, J.J. Tremel, S.E. Petersen

Presentation time: 2 – 3 pm

Title: “An alternative perspective on human brain hubs: Approaches for identifying integrated information flow in resting state correlation networks.”

Presentation/Poster: 491.03/AAA5

Authors: J.D. Power, B.L. Schlaggar, S.E. Petersen

Presentation time: 3 – 4 pm

Title: “Differences in error-related responses between resource-limited and data-limited tasks.”

Presentation/Poster: 491.04/AAA6

Authors: J.W. Dubis, J.S. Siegel, K.M. Visscher, S.E. Petersen

Presentation time: 4 – 5 pm

Title: “Overlapping functional network organization identifies inter-community relationships.”

Presentation/Poster: 491.05/AAA7

Authors: H. Sun, J. Power, S.E. Petersen

Presentation time: 1 – 2 pm

Title: “Toward optimizing the removal of motion-related artifact in functional connectivity MRI using volume censoring techniques.”

Presentation/Poster: 491.06/AAA8

Authors: S.E. Petersen, J.D. Power, A.Z. Snyder, T.O. Laumann, B.L. Schlaggar

Presentation time: 2 – 3 pm

Title: “Patterns of neural activity within sustained signals implicated in task maintenance can be used to classify specific tasks.”

Presentation/Poster: 491.07/AAA9

Authors: M. Neta, B. Nardos, B.L. Schlaggar, S.E. Petersen

Presentation time: 3 – 4 pm

Tuesday, October 16

Symposium: The Human Connectome Project.

Title: “Recent Advances in Acquiring and Analyzing Human Connectome Data / Mining the Human Connectome”

Author: Kamil Ugurbil / David Van Essen

Presentation time: 8:30 – 11 am.

Title: “Surface-based analysis of positron emission tomography data in mild to moderate blast-induced traumatic brain injury.”

Presentation/Poster: 552.14/L20

Authors: J. Stout, G. Yang, M. Osman, A. P. Michael, *D. Mogul, P. Roskos, J. Gfeller, R. D. Bucholz

Presentation time: 9 – 10 am

Wednesday, October 17

Title: “Brain parcellation using fc-Snowballing across the healthy adult lifespan reveals a subtle difference in area localization in advanced age.”

Presentation/Poster: 805.04/DDD14

Authors: G.S. Wig, A.Z. Snyder, F.M. Miezin, A.C. Hebrank, K.M. Kennedy, K.M. Rodrigue, D.C. Park, S.E. Petersen

Presentation time: 11 am – 12 pm

Title: “Improved cortical myelin maps in humans, chimpanzees and macaques allow identification of putative areal homologies.”

Presentation/Poster: 895.22/QQ13

Authors: M.F. Glasser, T.M. Preuss, G. Nair, J.K. Rilling, X. Zhang, L. Li, D.C. Van Essen

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