Using Workbench Command

Workbench Command is a set of command-line tools that can be used to perform simple and complex operations within Connectome Workbench.

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   wb_command -file-information
      <data-file> - data file

      [-no-map-info] - do not show map information for files that support maps

      [-only-step-interval] - suppress normal output, print the interval
         between maps

      [-only-number-of-maps] - suppress normal output, print the number of maps

      [-only-map-names] - suppress normal output, print the names of all maps

      [-only-metadata] - suppress normal output, print file metadata

         [-key] - only print the metadata for one key, with no formatting
            <key> - the metadata key

      [-only-cifti-xml] - suppress normal output, print the cifti xml if the
         file type has it

      [-czi] - For a CZI file, show information from the libCZI Info Command
         instead of the Workbench CZI File

      [-czi-all-sub-blocks] - show all sub-blocks in CZI file (may produce long

      [-czi-xml] - show XML from CZI file

      List information about the content of a data file.  Only one -only option
      may be specified.  The information listed when no -only option is present
      is dependent upon the type of data file.

      Library paths:

      File and extensions for reading and writing:
         Annotation: wb_annot
         Annotation Text Substitution: wb_annsub.csv
         Border: border, wb_border
         CIFTI - Dense: dconn.nii
         CIFTI - Dense Label: dlabel.nii
         CIFTI - Dense Parcel: dpconn.nii
         CIFTI - Dense Scalar: dscalar.nii
         CIFTI - Dense Data Series: dtseries.nii
         CIFTI - Fiber Orientations TEMPORARY: fiberTEMP.nii
         CIFTI - Fiber Trajectory TEMPORARY: trajTEMP.wbsparse
         CIFTI - Parcel: pconn.nii
         CIFTI - Parcel Dense: pdconn.nii
         CIFTI - Parcel Label: plabel.nii
         CIFTI - Parcel Scalar: pscalar.nii
         CIFTI - Parcel Series: ptseries.nii
         CIFTI - Scalar Data Series: sdseries.nii
         CZI Image: czi
         Foci: foci, wb_foci
         Histology Slices: metaczi, meta-image
         Image Read: bmp, gif, jpeg, jpg, png, ppm, tif, tiff
              Write: bmp, jpeg, jpg, png, ppm, tif, tiff
         Label: label.gii
         Metric: func.gii, shape.gii
         Palette: palette, wb_palette
         RGBA: rgba.gii
         Samples: wb_samples
         Scene: scene, wb_scene
         Specification: spec, wb_spec
         Surface: surf.gii
         Volume: nii, nii.gz