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Young Adult HCP

1200 Subjects (2010-2016)

The Human Connectome Project (HCP) has tackled one of the great scientific challenges of the 21st century: mapping the human brain, aiming to connect its structure to function and behavior.

Lifespan HCP

4 Projects, Active 2013-2020

HCP Lifespan Projects are acquiring and sharing multimodal imaging data acquired across the lifespan, in four age groups (prenatal, 0-5, 6-21, and 36-100+). The scanning protocols are similar to those for the WU-Minn Young Adult HCP, except shorter in duration.

Connectomes Related To Human Disease

18 Projects, Active 2017-2027

HCP Disease studies apply HCP-style data collection protocols toward subject cohorts at risk for, or suffering from, diseases or disorders affecting the brain, with a goal of providing comparable data to healthy HCP subjects across the lifespan. 

HCP Software

We have developed a set of open-source Connectome software that supports browsing, download, exploration, and analysis of HCP data. 

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1200 Subjects Data Release

The final data release of new subjects includes updated diffusion data for all subjects, 46 retest datasets, and 184 7T datasets

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Participate in the HCP Development Study

The HCP Lifespan Development (HCP-D) Study is now seeking families with healthy children, adolescents, and young adults between the ages of 5-21 to participate in their study. 

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Participate in the HCP Lifespan Aging Study

The HCP Lifespan Aging study is now seeking healthy adults over the age of 35 to participate in their study. 

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Connectome Workbench 1.2.3 Released

August 25, 2016 Update: A series of improvements and bugfixes has been released in time for the 2016 HCP Course.