Using Workbench Command

Workbench Command is a set of command-line tools that can be used to perform simple and complex operations within Connectome Workbench.

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   The GIFTI format is an established data file format intended for use with
   surface-based data.  It has subtypes for geometry (.surf.gii), continuous
   data (.func.gii, .shape.gii), and integer label data (.label.gii).  The
   files that contain data, rather than geometry, consist mainly of a 2D array,
   with one dimension having length equal to the number of vertices in the
   surface.  Label files (.label.gii) also contain a list of integer values
   that are used in the file, plus a name and a color for each one.  In
   workbench, the files for continuous data are called 'metric files', and
   .func.gii is usually the preferred extension, but there is no difference in
   file format between .func.gii and .shape.gii.  Geometry files are simply
   called 'surface files', and must contain only the coordinate and triangle
   arrays.  Notably, other software may put data arrays (the equivalent of a
   metric file) into the same file as the geometry information.  Workbench does
   not support this kind of combined format, and you must use other tools to
   separate the data array from the geometry.

   For the full details of the GIFTI format, see