Using Workbench Command

Workbench Command is a set of command-line tools that can be used to perform simple and complex operations within Connectome Workbench.

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   wb_command -volume-parcel-resampling-generic
      <volume-in> - the input data volume
      <cur-parcels> - label volume of where the parcels currently are
      <new-parcels> - label volume of where the parcels should be
      <kernel> - gaussian kernel size in mm to smooth by during resampling, as
         sigma by default
      <volume-out> - output - output volume

      [-fwhm] - smoothing kernel size is FWHM, not sigma

      [-fix-zeros] - treat zero values as not being data

      [-subvolume] - select a single subvolume as input
         <subvol> - the subvolume number or name

      Smooths and resamples the region inside each label in cur-parcels to the
      region of the same label name in new-parcels.  Any voxels in the output
      label region but outside the input label region will be extrapolated from
      nearby data.  The -fix-zeros option causes the smoothing to not use an
      input value if it is zero, but still write a smoothed value to the voxel,
      and after smoothing is complete, it will check for any remaining values
      of zero, and fill them in with extrapolated values.  The output volume
      will use the volume space of new-parcels, which does not need to be in
      the same volume space as the input.