Connectomic Imaging in Familial & Sporadic Frontotemporal Degeneration

Project Overview & Components

Data being collected

Data will be collected at the five sites. all sites are using a Siemens Prisma 3T scanner.

  • Standard HCP demographics.
  • Imaging: The imaging modalities are structural, diffusion, and functional (both resting state and task) with the following tasks:  working memory and gambling.
  • Clinical: Genotyping, Cytokine measurement, cerebrospinal fluid, autopsy, semi-quantitative and quantitative histopathology.
  • Behavioral: NIH Toolbox measures of the HCP LifeSpan protocol, UDS-3, FTLD-NACC batteries, neuropsychological survey and database.

Cohort Description

The study includes of 200 participants age 30 years or more, with a mean age around 55-60 years of age.  The FTDConn will collect 40 healthy controls (10 per site), including 20 non-mutation-carrying siblings of familial FTD participants and 20 siblings of sporadic FTD participants.

Data Release Plans

  • The first data release includes 200 participants
  • The second data release includes 200 participants, first follow up
  • The third data release includes 200 participants, second follow up


Frontotemporal dementia, connectomics, FTD, neurodegenerative, degeneration