Mapping Connectomes for Disordered Emotional States (HCP-DES)

Mapping Connectomes for Disordered Emotional States

Data Being Collected

  • Standard HCP Demographics
  • Imaging: We will match subject age ranges, scanning protocols, and scan tasks to the HCP Young Adult project, plus three additional task scans. Data will be collected on a GE scanner, and we have collaborated with other GE-scanning projects to achieve high comparability across GE scanners. 
  • Behavioral: The cognitive battery contains similar tests to those found in the HCP Young Adult project, plus those specific to depression and anxiety. 
  • Clinical: Saliva samples are collected and in exploratory analysis focus on consideration of gene associated with neuroimaging-behavior constructs, informed by our own prior work (e.g. COMT, BDNF, 5HTTLPR, MAO), the extant literature, and any new developments in the field. 
  • Longitudinal: Each participant will receive a phone screening to determine eligibility, an in-person baseline assessment, and a 12-month follow-up by phone.  

Cohort Description

Participants will comprise 300 subjects between the ages of 18-35. 50 of these will function as a healthy control. 

Data Release Plans

We plan to release data biannually throughout the lifespan of the grant.