Dual Mechanisms of Cognitive Control

Study Protocol Overview

Data being collected

  • Standard HCP demographics
  • Imaging: The DMCC will collect longitudinal MR imaging data for structural, resting-state and task. Some subjects will also undergo retest imaging sessions.  a
  • Clinical:  No clinical interviews. Saliva to be collected, but no blood work or DNA. 
  • Behavioral: BIS, BISABAS, Demographic, DOSPERT, FFMQ, Fordyce, GRAPES, MAAS, NfCS, NEO FFI, PANAS, PHQ, PSQI, Scompassion, selfcontrol, SPSRQ, STAI, SWL, Operational and Symmetry Span, Ravens Matrices, Letter Set, and NIH Toolbox tasks.

Cohort Description

The study consists of 300 participants ranging in age from 18-40. This study plans to include as many of the original HCP Young Adult twin pairs as possible within its cohort, as participants not controls.  

Data Release Plans

The primary data release will occur after all data is collected, in 2023. A pilot data release may happen in 2019.