Perturbation of the Treatment of Resistant Depression Connectome by Fast-Acting Therapies (PDC)

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PDC 1.0 Release

PDC 1.0 Release Released on 04/27/2023

PDC Release 1.0 of imaging and behavioral data is now available in the NIMH Data Archive (NDA). Perturbation of the depression connectome by fast-acting therapies (Perturbation of the Depression Connectome, PDC) is a study of adults with and without treatment resistant depression (191 patients, 51 controls) and with and without fast-acting treatment interventions (ages 20-64, with treatment-resistant depression treated with ECT [N=44], ketamine [N=67], or total sleep deprivation [N=60], plus healthy controls [N=51]). Of the healthy controls, 16 underwent total sleep deprivation and 17 were assessed at 2 visits without intervention.

PDC Release 1.0 data includes: 

  • unprocessed data of all modalities (structural MRI, resting state fMRI, task fMRI for 2 tasks, and diffusion MRI) for 227 subjects
  • minimally preprocessed MRI data of all modalities for up to 218 subjects
  • clinical and behavioral data for 230 subjects 

Get Access and Download the dataGet started with the Data Access and Download Instructions for obtaining access, navigating NDA and using it's download tools. We've also created a wiki that details setup steps  for downloading data via NDA's command line tools.

The released data are available on NDA as:

  • PDCRec package of recommended preprocessed + behavioral data (1076 GB, OPTION ONE)
  • PDCAllFiles package of all released imaging and behavioral data (9.5 TB, OPTION ONE)
  • PDCImgManifestBeh  package of imaging manifests + behavioral data (332 MB, OPTION ONE)
  • or can be filtered on to create a custom package of a subset of the data (OPTION TWO).

Want more information?  Check out our documentation to help with understanding the project and interpreting the data.

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Release Date: Apr 27, 2023

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