Human Connectome Project for Early Psychosis

HCP Early Psychosis Release 1.0 Reference Manual and Access Instructions

Release Date: Sep 09, 2020
Type: Data Release

HCP-Early Psychosis Release 1.0 data is now available in the NIMH Data Archive (NDA). All HCP-EP (ages 16-35, affective psychosis, non-affective psychosis and controls) data is shared in NDA Collection #2914.

HCP-EP Release 1.0 data includes unprocessed data of all modalities (structural MRI, resting state fMRI, and diffusion MRI) for 183 subjects, minimally preprocessed structural MRI data for 169 subjects, and updated clinical and behavioral data for 252 subjects. The full release dataset is available as the HCPEP1-1AllData package (1.3 TB, OPTION ONE), the unprocessed imaging + behavioral data HCPEP1-1Unproc package (1.0 TB, OPTION ONE), or can be filtered on to create a custom package of a subset of the data (OPTION TWO).

Full details of the project and released data are available in the: 

HCP-EP Release 1.0 Reference Manual

Appendix 1: HCP-EP imaging protocols

Appendix 2: HCP-EP Release 1.0 Filenames and directory structure

To access the data, start by creating an NDA account or login to your existing one. After login, go to your account’s Data Permissions dashboard. Here you can request or renew access electronically to one or many repositories in NDA, including CCF and others.

In the Actions column in the ABCD/CCF Permissions group row, select “Request Access” and complete the access request instructions to create a signed Data Use Certification (DUC). There are three criteria you must meet to be eligible to request NDA access:

  1. You must have a research-related need to access the data

  1. You must be associated with an NIH-recognized research institution, defined as an institution registered in the NIH electronic research administration system (eRA Commons,) and have the approval of an authorized signatory official of that institution.

  1. Your institution must have an active Federalwide Assurance (FWA).

If you have questions, please view NDA's tutorials or email NDAHelp. Once approved, access is valid for one full year. To maintain access, a renewal request should be submitted through the same process as above.