HCP Young Adult

All-hands meeting kicks off the WU-Minn HCP consortium

Author: Will Horton
Published: Oct 28, 2010
Study: HCP Young Adult

A two-day All-Hands Meeting held on September 28-29 brought 65 participants (of which 56 are pictured) from 9 institutions together at Washington University’s EPNEC Center. This highly successful meeting included numerous breakout sessions in which project plans and timelines were discussed and refined. The three plenary sessions included discussion of progress from the breakout sessions, plans for the forthcoming year, and a number of consortium-wide issues.

Get to know the Consortium members!

Key to the photo

Row 1

David Van Essen, Kamil Ugurbil, Dan Marcus, Andrew Heath, David Feinberg

Row 2

Susan Danker, Dan Nolan, Mark Wheeler, Donna Dierker, Ping Gu, John Harwell, Audrey Chang

Row 3

Stamatios Sotiropoulos, Jesper Andersson, Gian Luca Romani, Vittorio Pizzella, Stefania Della Penna, Robert Oostenveld, Christophe Lenglet, Steve Petersen, Tom Nichols, Karla Miller, Linda Larson-Prior, Deanna Barch

Row 4

Heidi Johansen-Berg, Steen Moeller, Will Horton, Tim Olsen, Matt House, Fred Prior, Nicholas Bloom, Mark Woolrich, Mark Jenkinson, Gagan Wig, Marc Raichle, Brad Schlaggar

Row 5

Tim Laumann, Kevin Archie, Jonathan Power, Avi Snyder, Christian Beckmann, Noam Harel, Mike Harms, Steven Smith, Tim Behrens, Matt Glasser, Fran Miezin, Gordon Xu

Row 6

Sandy Curtiss, Michael Garwood, Mike Huerta, Saad Jbabdi, Tyler Roskos, Jeff Stout, Richard Bucholz, Lynda Kull

Not pictured: Erin Reid, Lucille Miller, Francesco de Pasquale, Edward Auerbach, Pascal Fries, Maurizio Corbetta, Alison Goate, Josh Shimony, Guillermo Sapiro