HCP Young Adult

S1200 Group Average Data Release

Author: Jenn Elam
Published: Aug 01, 2017
Study: HCP Young Adult
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We are pleased to announce the release of group-average structural and functional MRI data for the HCP S1200 young adult subjects. The dataset includes :

  • group average T1w, T2w, and T1w divided by T2w volumes
  • group average right and left hemisphere surfaces
  • group average MSMAll-registered maps of sulcal depth, thickness, curvature, myelin, smoothed myelin
  • “S1200.All*” composite files containing individual subject versions of the above listed MSMAll-registered structural maps 
  • group average tfMRI Cohen's D effect-size contrast maps (MSMSulc and MSMAll-registered versions, 2mm and 4mm smoothing) for all HCP tasks
  • Connectome Workbench scene file and associated tutorial for exploring the dataset in wb_view, including group average dense functional connectivity data accessed remotely from ConnectomeDB  
  • several published parcellation maps for reference, including the HCP-MMP1.0 from Glasser et al. 2016.

Download the HCP_S1200_GroupAvg_v1.zip archive (2.3 GB) in ConnectomeDB.