HCP Young Adult

Connectome In A Box Program To Be Retired

Author: Will Horton
Published: Jan 17, 2018
Study: HCP Young Adult

Since the first release of HCP data became available to purchase on hard drive in March 2013, the Connectome team has shipped almost 8 Petabytes of data on more than 1,100 hard drives. As we approach the five-year anniversary of our drive order storefront opening, we have to announce that we are planning to close up shop. 

There are two primary drivers for this decision: the availability of the 1200 Healthy Young Adult dataset from other channels, and the need to dedicate our resources to the upcoming data distribution challenges of the Connectome Coordinating Facility. 

The pace of downloads of HCP data from ConnectomeDB has rapidly increased in the last year, and the total of data downloaded through that channel is currently approaching 10 Petabytes. Additionally, all HCP data releases are currently available on Amazon Web Services, and slated to be available soon via the NIH National Data Archive. These will be the distribution channels for all future data releases for studies supported by the Connectome Coordinating Facility. 

What Does This Mean For My Existing Order?

Our remaining inventory of hard drives allows us to fulfill each of the orders that are currently in our queue. Additionally, we will be able to handle a small number of new orders for the 1200 Subjects Dataset and MEG Subjects Dataset hard drives. We will be fulfilling those orders on a first-come, first-served basis. If you have been holding off on ordering, this is the time to do so at https://store.humanconnectome.org

Any orders that we cannot fulfill will be refunded in full. Unfortunately for those people who preordered the 7T Subjects Dataset, this includes you. With 7T functional data still undergoing reprocessing, we will not be able to package and distribute this dataset as a Connectome In A Box. However, it will be available via download or AWS. 

As always, if you have any specific questions related to ordering, feel free to contact us at orders@humanconnectome.org.