HCP Young Adult

Major Issue with preprocessed 7T fMRI data

Author: Jenn Elam
Published: Jul 14, 2017
Study: HCP Young Adult

To all users of 7T HCP data:

We have confirmed that there is a major issue with the released 7T preprocessed fMRI data, including resting state, retinotopy and movie watching task data. Specifically, all 7T fMRI scans with A->P phase-encoding (labeled *_AP) were unwarped using the incorrect direction in the fMRIVolume pipeline causing the voxels in these scans to be spatially misplaced. 

Because the problem occurs early in preprocessing and will affect all analyses using this data, the preprocessed 7T fMRI data should not be used.

We have decided to make all 7T preprocessed fMRI data unavailable in ConnectomeDB and AWS S3 until it can be reprocessed and corrected. Unprocessed 7T fMRI data and all 7T dMRI data are not affected by the issue and will remain available.

We expect to have the reprocessed, vetted 7T fMRI data available in about 2 months and will announce the release when ready. 

We sincerely regret our oversight in not catching the issue sooner and apologize for the significant impact of this processing error on 7T data users. Please share this message with any colleagues who might be affected and may not have seen it.


WU-Minn HCP Consortium