HCP Young Adult

Van Essen, Marcus to speak on Neuroimaging Data Sharing and Data Access

Author: Will Horton
Published: Jun 23, 2011
Study: HCP Young Adult

As a prelude to the OHBM 2011 Conference in Quebec City, HCP investigators David Van Essen and Daniel Marcus will be joining a series of speakers on Saturday, June 25th at an event hosted by the INCF. The topic at hand: Neuroimaging Data Sharing and Data Access.

Here is a synopsis from the INCF event page:

Neuroimaging is increasingly relying on tools to store, manage, and share data and meta data. A number of open databasing tools have been developed and there are several new initiatives to promote neuroimaging datasharing. Simple and global access to neuroimaging data and metadata will profoundly impact the field.

This workshop will allow members of the neuroimaging community to meet developers of neuroimaging dabasing tools. We propose to review the motivation for sharing neuroimaging (raw or processed) data, how this can be done today, and discuss what would the community need in the future to help exchange and share data, and what would be the impact on the science performed in the field.

At 9:20, Dr. Marcus will be presenting XNAT, the foundation technology behind the ConnectomeDB informatics platform, as a mature example of a neuroimaging database system.

At 15:15, Dr. Van Essen will be speaking on data sharing opportunities and challenges related to the Human Connectome Project.